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I had just had a baby in august. A beautiful baby girl. My pregnancy was far then smooth. I was in a abusive relationship and was homeless on and off. My daughter was born perfect though. I ended up getting pregnant again in December with the same abusive man.


When I was 16 (going on 17...!) I lost my virginity to a college guy. I don't remember even really know what was going on but the next thing I knew I was pregnant.


I was 20, days away from 21, when I found out I was pregnant. I was raised pro life and that I would go to Hell if did such a thing, however, I knew immediately I wanted an abortion.


I want everybody who has ever had an abortion to read this.
I had an abortion. I'm not ashamed. And I won't let myself hurt over it anymore.


I was in my 30's, and what should have been a wonderful experience of being pregnant was a complete nightmare. I found out I was pregnant by a guy I felt I was dating and meant the world to me. I very quickly realized I meant nothing to him.


14 years ago today my son was born. He weighed in at 1lbs 10oz. Had the sweetest little cheeks and a full head of the blackest hair I'd ever seen...he had ten tiny little fingers and ten tiny little toes... he was also very broken inside...

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