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All young people have the right to lead healthy lives. All young people have the right to health care to survive and thrive. Yet around the country, politicians are villainizing transgender people, banning and criminalizing important health care, and attempting to drive transgender people out of public life, with over 300 anti-transgender and anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in state legislatures. We should be celebrating transgender young people, providing the support they need, and affirming them for who they are, not erasing, endangering, and vilifying these youth.

Advocates for Youth is committed to transgender young people’s health, rights, and safety.

Resources for Transgender Youth and Their Families

Legislation attacking transgender youth and their families has become common. Below are a few links for understanding the law and navigating systems that provide gender-affirming care and other supports for transgender young people.

Interactive Map: Comprehensive Care Programs for Gender-Expansive Children and Adolescents

The HRC's Google-based map of clinical care programs for transgender and gender-expansive youth.

Trans Health Legal Fund

A legal defense fund for those criminalized for accessing gender-affirming healthcare

Transline Gender Medical Consultation Service

Designed and maintained by clinicians, this service provides information that may help both transgender people, and health care professionals working with transgender people.

ACLU Legal Map

Tracks bills that impact LGBTQ people.

Transgender Law Center Guide to Insurance Coverage

A guide to ensuring gender affirming care is covered by insurance.

Transgender Law Center Health Resources

Info on a variety of transgender health topics.

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