I had just had a baby in august. A beautiful baby girl. My pregnancy was far then smooth. I was in a abusive relationship and was homeless on and off. My daughter was born perfect though. I ended up getting pregnant again in December with the same abusive man.

I knew it would not be fair to my daughter to bring another baby into the world right now seeing that I have no income and just started college to better our future. I went  to a abortion clinic and I was shocked by how many woman there was in the clinic. The night before I had the procedure I cried so hard and prayed to God that he would hold my baby close and let them know how much I loved him. The day of the procedure they called me back the doctor was mean and the room was cold . it really hurt and I just felt numb afterwards. A few days letter I felt better. I still have the positive test and the ultrasound. I tell God to tell my baby I love him every night and I will see him eventually. I don’t regret the decision I made and I hope this gives some comfort to woman going through the same situation. I will always love my angel baby .