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Understanding HIV

Young people in every nation, of every race/ethnicity, and at every income level are living with HIV. These youth face legal and cultural discrimination, and too often, are unable to get what they need to stay healthy. It’s our responsibility to ensure these young people have access to physical and mental health care, medication, food, and housing. We must end laws and policies which criminalize people living with HIV, and make sure every young person living with HIV is cared for and valued.

Every young person has the right to the tools and information they need to prevent HIV.

Young people need honest sex education and access to condoms and PrEP, the daily medication that helps prevent HIV. We need information that is culturally relevant and helps us build our skills using condoms, talking about condoms, and advocating for our rights.

“I want for young people and the future generations, especially those of color, to understand that even one voice can make an impact in challenging mainstream injustice.”

– Toraje, Engaging Communities around HIV Organizing (ECHO) activist

ECHO (Engaging Communities around HIV Organizing)

ECHO leaders recognize HIV’s disparate impact on young people of color, including Black and Latino YMSM and trans youth of color. Members use social media campaigns, peer education, storytelling and media outreach to raise awareness of the interconnection between HIV disparity, racism, homophobia, and transphobia and advocate for the inclusion of youth most impacted by HIV in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs and policies that affect their health and well being.

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