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Contraception information and access is a right

Young people have the right to lead healthy lives. They should have access to the tools they need to protect their health – including access to condoms, contraception, and services. Young people in the United States and around the world need information about contraception well before they become sexually active. They need to understand how various methods of birth control work, the benefits and challenges of using particular methods, and where to get them. They need support and encouragement from their peers, adults, and the media to increase their comfort level with condoms and birth control. Importantly, they need full access to confidential, safe, and convenient family planning services. Parents, educators, health care providers, and pharmacy staff can play a critical role in helping teens learn about, obtain, and use contraception effectively.

Contraceptive Access for Highly Vulnerable Youth

Advocates is working in three cities in the United States, Atlanta, Tucson and Washington D.C. to design and test family planning service delivery models that improve uptake of contraception by highly vulnerable youth. In Atlanta, Advocates is working with refugee youth, in Tucson with youth who are in drug treatment or other government agencies, and in Washington D.C., staff is working to improve pediatrician’s willingness and ability to provide contraceptives to the teens they serve. Staff provides resources, training, technical assistance and evaluation consultation to assess the impact of these models and their potential to be scaled. For more information contact Laura Davis, Division Director, TPP/Adolescent Sexual Health Services (Laura@advocatesforyouth.org).

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