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"I want to speak out about my experiences to help de-stigmatize, to help people understand that a good person, a good mom of 2 children, a good social worker, friend, wife, sister daughter, etc...CAN have these experiences in her life and it does not tarnish her at all. It is my right, it was my right, it is no body's business why I choose to end a pregnancy. It is also irrelevant if I have good reasons or bad reasons, I have my reason and that is sufficient."


There is nothing unique about my story - it's pretty typical and common. And yet, I have only ever told 2 people about it. My parents, family, and even best friends still don't know. I work in sexual and reproductive health and rights and advocate for abortion rights everyday and yet I still can't talk about my own abortion.


I was silent about my experience for years, but speaking up and sharing my story with people has been liberating. My abortion does not define me, but my abortion is an important part of what makes me who I am today.

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