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I got my abortion during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I was finishing my final semester remotely and knew that my best option was an abortion. The person who got me pregnant was manipulating me constantly and I knew that I could not have a baby with this person.


I would like to share my story with you, not because this bill will directly impact me, but because what happened to me can happen to anyone. Fetal anomalies do not discriminate and they can occur in anyone: black, white, rich, poor, educated, or not.


A few years ago I found out I was pregnant and I was not in the best situation at the time but I never thought of abortion because at that time I believed it was wrong.

Statement on Restrictive Abortion Laws in Texas

This bill creates an atmosphere of violence and fear around abortion decisions. Instead of making a decision for themselves and their families, people who need abortions are forced to contend with secrecy, worry, and the idea of endangering their loved ones and even their doctors.

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