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It is possible that I’ve repressed feelings all these years. I’m still glad I had choices back then. Now, I have “Dr.” in front of my name and was able to provide a good home for my daughter.


I'm happy that I had no complications and that I had the resources to buy the medication and pay for my visit to my OB/GYN. However, it saddens me that I had to risk my wellbeing and that I had to do this alone at home because it was the only choice I really had.


Whoever you are and whatever the reason, no one can make this decision for you! Stand strong and know that you have many on your side!

Statement on Florida’s Anti-CRT Bill

All young people deserve to see themselves reflected in school curricula. Research shows that a person’s identities are strongly linked to their health outcomes. We can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore the unique challenges youth of color are facing in their lives.

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