Statement on 2023 School Board Election Outcomes Across the Country

On 2023’s election day, in school board races across the country, voters reaffirmed their support for access to accurate and inclusive curricula and transgender young people’s right to safe and supportive classrooms. Anti-trans measures, book bans, bans on accurate history lessons, and more were in the spotlight in multiple school board races, and in communities across the country, voters rejected attempts to vilify LGBTQ young people and keep students in the dark.

In school board races in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, South Carolina, Kansas, and more, school board candidates who ran anti-LGBTQ, anti-sex-education platforms lost. 

“Parents understand that attacking vulnerable students is wrong and shouldn’t be any school board’s mission,” said Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth.  “We’re glad, but not surprised, that voters rejected the Moms for Liberty agenda. Young people are leading efforts to ensure LGBTQ+ youth are safe in their communities and celebrated for who they are, and we are proud to walk alongside them.”Advocates for Youth provides rapid response assistance to school districts facing attacks from anti-sex-education and anti-LGBTQ extremists. Youth activists working with Advocates for Youth also founded Act Out!, a nationwide network of activists working to stop “don’t say gay or trans” bills  and other harmful laws.