Know Your IX, Advocates for Youth: Latest Title IX Delay Puts Survivors, Students At Risk

Yesterday, the Biden administration announced it will not release its proposed updates to Title IX until March of 2024 – a full year after it missed its first deadline. President Biden promised to revise Trump-era guidance that rolled back civil rights protections for survivors and LGBTQ+ students. 

In response, Emma Grasso Levine, Title IX Policy and Program Manager of Know Your IX (a survivor- and youth-led project from Advocates for Youth), issued the following statement:

“Once again, President Biden has missed his deadline to ensure every student has access to an inclusive and safe learning environment, free of discrimination and harassment. Every additional day without an updated Title IX rule puts young people at risk. Survivors of sexual violence, LGBTQ+ students, and pregnant and parenting students cannot afford to spend four years under policies that jeopardize their right to an education.

By pushing the updated Title IX rule to March, President Biden has made it all the more likely that these critical protections won’t be finalized until the very end of the current administration – or not at all. Survivors and young people across the country are asking the President to fulfill his years-overdue promise and issue final Title IX protections now.”

News that President Biden had pushed the Title IX update to March came just one day after students and survivors rallied outside the White House to demand an immediate release to the final rule. Organizers and advocates are available for interviews to discuss the impact of yesterday’s delay and the need for updated protections.


For Immediate Release: December 7, 2023

Contact: Eleanor Naiman, eleanor.naiman@advocatesforyouth.org