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SIECUS and Advocates for Youth Oppose the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA)

As organizations that are deeply invested in the safety and health of young people, especially those who are most marginalized, Advocates for Youth and SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change are concerned about the Kids Online Safety Act (S.1409), or KOSA. KOSA is being put forth as a bill to protect minors on social media, however in reality it will block young people from accessing critical and potentially life-saving resources, including sex education and sexual health resources.

Statement on 2023 School Board Election Outcomes Across the Country

“Parents understand that attacking vulnerable students is wrong and shouldn’t be any school board’s mission,” said Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth.  “We’re glad, but not surprised, that voters rejected the Moms for Liberty agenda. Young people are leading efforts to ensure LGBTQ+ youth are safe in their communities and celebrated for who they are, and we are proud to walk alongside them.”

Celebrating the Win for Abortion Rights in Ohio

The vote is a testament to the work of advocates and organizers in Ohio, and to the young people mobilizing every day to protect and expand abortion access for all. Young people are working to move this country forward, and they won’t be stopped by extremists’ agenda of harm and control.

Advocates for Youth Calls for an End to the Violence in Gaza and Israel

Over the last week we have seen the disproportionate toll the violence in Gaza and Israel has taken on young people and the leadership of young people coming together for peace and justice.The gravity and impact of the harm done these past few days, weeks, years, and decades is unmeasurable and horrific. It is not borne equally by all of us and we mourn lives lost and support those most impacted.

Advocates for Youth, American Society for Emergency Contraception Launch EC Network on Campuses Nationwide

Today, as lawmakers advance restrictions on reproductive health care that disproportionately impact young people, Advocates for Youth and the American Society of Emergency Contraception (ASEC) are launching the EC Access Network to expand access to emergency contraception (EC) on college campuses. Through a  partnership with 6 EC manufacturers and distributors, the EC Access Network will provide 135,000 EC pills to students on 500 campuses nationwide.

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