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Statement on Florida’s Anti-CRT Bill

All young people deserve to see themselves reflected in school curricula. Research shows that a person’s identities are strongly linked to their health outcomes. We can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore the unique challenges youth of color are facing in their lives.

Statement on Rittenhouse Verdict

The Rittenhouse trial has illuminated many outrageous failures of the U.S. justice system. From the very start of the trial, Judge Bruce Schroeder has created a mockery of these proceedings and provided the perfect example of what we mean when we refer to systemic racism.

Statement on the Passage of WHPA

WHPA is an important step from Congress that would prohibit states from imposing onerous restrictions, much like the bills we're seeing passed all across the nation, including the recently-enacted SB8 in Texas, the most restrictive abortion law in the country. 

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