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Migrant Busing Must Stop

The busing of migrants,including children and young people, across the country by Govs. Greg Abott (Texas), Doug Doucy (Arizona), and Ron DeSantis (Florida), as a political stunt, must stop. Using human beings as political props, belittling and ignoring the experiences and needs of these migrants, and treating migrants as something to be disposed of: these are reprehensible acts.

Advocates Condemns Virginia’s Stripping of the Rights of Transgender Youth

Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s attack on transgender student well-being is reprehensible. Youngkin joins extremist, transphobic officials around the country in choosing to target some of our most vulnerable young people. Forcing these young people into bathrooms that don’t fit them and where they may experience fear and bullying; permitting and in some cases mandating that teachers deny transgender students the names they want to use; and setting up LGBTQ+ students to be outed to their parents before they are ready and regardless of what these young people may face at home - these are all violations of young people’s right to safety at school. 

Statement on Proposed Nationwide Abortion Ban

“A nationwide abortion ban, and ultimately the end of legal abortion in this country, was always the endgame for the anti-abortion movement. It’s horrifying but it is no surprise to young people, who have been preparing for this for years. Long before the Court overturned Roe, youth leaders were working to ensure everyone who needs an abortion can get an abortion - and that’s not going to stop now, or ever."

Florida’s Jane Doe Deserves Better

“Young people should have control over their own bodies, even and especially when they’re pregnant,” said Diana Thu-Thao Rhodes, Advocates for Youth’s Vice President of Policy, Partnerships, and Organizing. “Florida’s Jane Doe, and too many others like her, have had to stand before  judges in courtrooms defending their personal lives instead of being able to just get the abortion care they need. These laws are part of efforts to end all access to abortion."

Statement on HRA Pharma’s Application for OTC Status for Birth Control

Advocates for Youth welcomes the news that HRA Pharma has filed the first-ever application for an over-the-counter birth control pill. As part of the Free the Pill Coalition, Advocates convened the #FreethePill Youth Council, a network of young people nationwide working to make birth control available over the counter, covered by insurance with no age restriction.

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