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Statement on the Georgia Runoff Election

Advocates for Youth congratulates Senator Raphael Warnock for his win in the Georgia Senate. With Jon Ossoff holding a strong lead, we may see Democrats win both seats and take a Senate majority - a huge win for Georgia and for the nation.

Statement on Election Results and Ongoing Count

We tell young people this basic tenet of democracy in elementary school. We urge them to vote no matter what. And vote they did, turning out in record numbers on election day and in the weeks before. In spite of the pandemic, the barriers to voting in many communities, even voter intimidation at the polls, they registered friends and made sure family members could get their ballots in.

Now we must honor their work and count their votes.

Statement from Debra Hauser on confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett

So many of our communities have been put in danger by this reckless, cruel administration and Congress. There are wounds that can never be healed, and each day we reckon with all that has been lost. I know it can be hard to find a glimmer of hope. But young people led the fight against this nomination.And now they are regrouping, strategizing, and finding a way forward.

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