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Statement from Debra Hauser on confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett

So many of our communities have been put in danger by this reckless, cruel administration and Congress. There are wounds that can never be healed, and each day we reckon with all that has been lost. I know it can be hard to find a glimmer of hope. But young people led the fight against this nomination.And now they are regrouping, strategizing, and finding a way forward.

Statement on Know Your IX Lawsuit

"The fight in court is just one piece of the puzzle. No matter what next steps we choose to take, we will continue fighting hand in hand with student survivors to pass the best policies possible in states, school districts, and on college campuses. We refuse to stop fighting until the cost of education no longer includes sexual violence."

This is our Court and we Deserve to be Heard. #WeDissent

Today, as young people navigate a pandemic, state violence while exercising their right to protest, and increased attacks on their bodily autonomy, the President has announced Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the highest court of the land. A nomination that the administration and their minions have sworn to do everything in their power to push through with under 40 days left until the Presidential election, a frightening speed that our democracy has never before seen. 

Breonna Taylor deserved to lead a full, healthy life.

Breonna Taylor deserved to lead a full and healthy life. But she was murdered. While she slept, three men protected by the state broke into her house and murdered her. Today, government officials held a press conference to tell the world that her murder was justified. No one will be held accountable.

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