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Sex Ed for All Month Call to Action

Young people have clearly and consistently called for complete and accurate sexual health information and access to sexual and reproductive health care services. As organizations dedicated to improving sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice for all, we respond each May with Sex Ed for All.

Ending funding for WHO is wrong, especially now

In the midst of a pandemic, it is unconscionable that the United States would choose to stop its contributions to the one global entity that serves as the coordinating authority on international health and has the technical capacity and mandate to support the public health response to COVID-19.

Abortion Care is Essential Care

The decision of Ohio’s attorney general to force clinics to stop offering abortion care is unnecessary, opportunistic, and incredibly callous. Governor DeWine’s administration is using this opportunity to continue his extremist anti-abortion agenda, rather than truly looking out for public health and safety. 

Unlike some procedures, abortion is time-sensitive. It can’t simply be delayed. And with social distancing measures expected to last weeks and months, this decision should be called what it is: forced birth for thousands.

Statement on Trump’s Expanded Travel Ban

This ban is another part of this President’s pattern of othering and ostracizing people of color both within and outside of our borders. For the last three years, we have watched this president fan the flames of hate and bigotry, inciting and turning a blind eye to violence that has forced people of color and religious minorities to live with increased fear.

Statement on New Regulations Barring Pregnant Visitors from the U.S.

Advocates for Youth condemns in the strongest possible terms the State Department’s new regulation concerning the denial of visas to people who are pregnant or simply appear to be pregnant. It is the purest violation of basic human rights for people to have their bodies scrutinized by officials, their motives for visiting impugned, and their personal testimony that they are not pregnant ignored.

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