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I was 17 at the time and my birthday was a month away when I found out that I was pregnant. Me and my boyfriend had been together for a little over a year so he tried to be there for me.


I had an abortion about 3 weeks ago. I am still recovering from the aftereffects but not once throughout the process did I waver in my decision to do what I did.


I had an abortion 2 years ago. I was lucky to detect it very early on and even more lucky to live in a state (NY) where I was able to easily make an appointment at my local Planned Parenthood.


It all happened so fast. I've only known the father a little over a month, so I must have gotten pregnant one of the first times we had sex.


I was 22, working and living in Manhattan. I used an IUD for birth control, but kept getting infections so my doctor took it out and gave me a prescription for a diaphragm. I had close ties to my college friends back in Ohio, including a man I'd been in love with.


I was a young, nineteen year old girl from a privileged family brought up in a suburb of New York. My parents took me to Santa Domingo to have my illegal abortion.

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