I was a young, nineteen year old girl from a privileged family brought up in a suburb of New York. My parents took me to Santa Domingo to have my illegal abortion.

Little did they know I would be wheeled into an operating room with flies buzzing around. I could hear women screaming. Because of that illegal abortion I lost my first child when I was old enough to be married. I then had to have two surgeries in order to have my two living daughters and the horror of that abortion has never left my mind. I just turned 70 years old. I was supposed to be one of the lucky ones. Privileged to be able to fly to a country where I could obtain an abortion. My parents and I were able to stay in one of the finest hotels in Santa Domingo. We found out that no money in the world could make an illegal abortion privileged. That illegal abortion cause the death of yet another child and scarred me in ways I would hope no woman would have to endure. I would beg women in this country it, in the United States of America,in 2014 to stand up to any man or any woman who makes legal, safe abortion impossible. We already fought this fight and won. Women and the men who live and cherish them, must learn to vote for candidates who will protect our Civil Right to choose.