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I had an abortion at age 26. At the time I was 3 years into a relationship, but it was rocky, and neither of us felt prepared to commit to raising a family.


I'm from Canada. 24 years old, and I had an abortion today. I am writing this for anyone who may be scared of the procedure - I know I was terrified.


I had been married for 3 years and was beginning my final year of university. After removing my nuva ring I waited and waited for my period.


Let me start this by saying, my entire life I have been pro choice. I always knew it was each individual’s right to decide what they did with their body regardless of the circumstances. Little did I know one day I would be making that decision on my own.


Despite using birth control, I discovered I was pregnant at the age of 20. There was no thinking in my decision, my automatic response was to terminate.

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