I was only 13 when my uncle was living with us. He said he wanted to play hide and go seek
when he came into my room. I didn’t fully understand what he meant back then but he would hide under my covers while touching me in places I didn’t want to be touched.

I was too scared of what was happening and I didn’t know if i should’ve told my mom or not. One day I grew tired of it that I smacked him. He looked at me and he forced himself onto me. It all happened real fast. I felt sick both emotionally and physically. Turned out I was growing another human inside of me. I was disgusted only because i was carrying 50% of him. I told my mother the whole truth but she didn’t believe me. I felt like i was a disgrace. She told me that i was lying and that i was just getting fat. I don’t know how she can say that when it was not even showing. all that was going through my mind was how at school everyone will think differently of me even if i told them the truth. In the end i told my grandmother who was really supportive. She took me to see a doctor who told me all the procedures and risk especially for my age. I was relieved to go through it because at 13 all i wanted to do was grow and not raise a child. I was just outgrowing that phase.