The Supreme Court’s Moment of Truth

Last week, the Supreme Court announced it will hear the most important abortion case in 2 decades: it will review the Texas law which would close nearly all of its clinics which offer abortion care services. For years politicians have been sneaking around the Constitution, chipping away our rights with the goal to leave millions with little or no real access, placing an “undue burden” on accessing abortion care.  

One in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime.  We need to listen to their stories and create a culture of empathy and support for access to basic health care. We need to come out in support of each other and in support of access to legal and safe abortion care in our communities.

In 2014, Advocates for Youth’s 1 in 3 Campaign hosted the first ever online abortion speakout.  Over 100 people participated, sharing their stories and experiences with seeking abortion care. Faith leaders, health care providers, policy makers, student activists, and people from all walks of life spoke out.  Now, as the Supreme Court prepares to make its decision, the voices of the people are needed more than ever.  

It’s time to Speakout once again. Join us Jan. 19, 2016 for our live “amicus brief” where “we the people” will share our experiences with abortion and tell the Supreme Court why protecting access to abortion is so important.  Fill out this form by December 2 to participate in the 2016 Speakout live by Skype or in person.

Let the Supreme Court know we’re watching as they consider this historic decision. And we need them to decide in favor of dignity, autonomy, and safety.