I was in a bad place and having an affair with an older man, a previous manager of mine.

The affair went on for a few months.

My roommate brought up to me that I haven’t had my period in a while, I hadn’t even noticed. We went out and bought a pregnancy test. We discovered I was pregnant, 5 weeks along. I was 19 and I had never been so afraid.

I called the man I was sleeping with and his reply was short and sweet, “well, get rid of it because I won’t have anything to do with either of you.” It broke my heart. I was 19, in my first year of college, working part time and completely alone.

My school’s physician set up the ultrasounds and other tests that needed to be done. She went over the pros and cons with me and I made the decision that abortion was the correct route for me. A friend drove me to the clinic and I was able to have my procedure done and was given a proper birth control to prevent it from ever happening again.
If I had let the pregnancy go to term I’d be the mother of a 4 year old, living with my parents and raising a child alone.

I made the right decision and my life is better for it.