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23. First college graduate of my family. Loving and caring boyfriend. Ready for the future ahead of me when birth control failed and I found myself pregnant.


25. Successful. PREGNANT!??! It was a one night stand with a guy that I've had a sexual past with. We had dated in the past a couple times, and know each other since high school days. & Every time I saw him out, I just wanted to rip his clothes off. This time, it really happened.


I was 19 and in my first year of college. Making friends was hard so I got a serving job to stay busy, pay the bills, and hopefully make some friends. He told me he was 26 (he was 30).


I was 24. Already a single parent to a beautiful 2 year old daughter, born with cerebral palsy. Between work and her constant doctor visits, life wasn’t easy. No support from her dad, but I was fine with making things work on my own.

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