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Oddly enough, a couple of days ago I had my first (and sincerely hope to be the last) abortion. I never once in my life thought that I would undergo this procedure. I thought the chances for me getting accidentally pregnant were lower than the chances for a zombie apocalypse.


nobody ever thinks it’ll happen to them.. before knowing i would experience it first hand myself i had always been pro choice and always a self advocater that women have rights and their own free will with their body.


We'd decided a year ago that I would stop birth control because of difficulties with side effects, and in combination with our usual withdrawal method and ovulation tracking, we thought we'd be fine.


I had a late term abortion at 27 weeks in August of 2018. I was pregnant with my much wanted third child and up until 25 weeks I was told my daughter was looking great. I was so relieved as I was 35 in in the "advanced maternal age" category. At 25 weeks I went to my doctor for a follow up sonogram to get a view of my baby's heart. That is when my life got turned upside down.


I'm called a murderer, a sinner, and worse. I made the decision to terminate a planned and wanted pregnancy because my baby was dying inside of me and her condition could have become "mirror syndrome" and cause damage and swelling to my organs as well.

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