Statement on Biden Administration Comments on Gender Affirming Care

This week the Biden Administration issued a confusing statement opposing gender-affirming surgery for transgender youth, a departure from their public commitment to expanding access to the broad spectrum of health care options for transgender young people. In response, Louie Ortiz-Fonseca, Director of LGBTQ Health & Rights at Advocates for Youth at Advocates for Youth shared this statement. 

“It’s angering and disheartening that the Biden Administration would choose to disregard the needs of transgender young people and decades of clinical research at a time when transgender health and rights are under attack across the country. 

Transgender young people must be able to be themselves and make the best decisions for their bodies and their futures — and to know that adults in power have their back. We urge the Biden Administration to join us in working with, not against transgender youth and their families to ensure every young person has the lifesaving gender-affirming care they need.”