Youth, Advocates: EMTALA is Essential Health Care

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision to protect EMTALA for now, a 40-year-old federal law that protects people’s right to emergency medical care — including abortion.

In response, Tamara Marzouk, Director of Abortion Access at Advocates for Youth, issued the following statement:

“Everyone experiencing a health crisis should have access to life-saving health care, without political interference – including pregnant people who need an abortion. Today, the Supreme Court has refused to cede to the anti-abortion extremists who are willing to endanger the lives of pregnant people, even in dangerous medical emergencies. 

Barriers to health care and to abortion care take the highest toll on young people, and on young people of color in particular. We must work toward a future where every young person has the autonomy to make decisions about their body and their future unobstructed by political extremism or judicial activism.”

Youth activists with Advocates for Youth also shared reactions:

As a nursing student, I know emergency departments often serve as a safe haven for vulnerable and marginalized communities when they have nowhere else to go,” said Asia, a nursing student and abortion access activist in Georgia. “In a country that already prioritizes profit over the health of people and communities, we can’t afford to exacerbate an already failing healthcare system.”

Abortion is healthcare, flat out,” said Janey (she/her), a college student and abortion access activist in Illinois. “Anyone who wishes to receive access to emergency care should be allowed to do so without fear of cost or other barriers.”

Youth organizers and advocates are available for interviews to discuss how youth activists are mobilizing to protect abortion access in the face of restrictions that disproportionately impact their generation. 




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