Student Leaders Join Vice President Harris at White House Discussion on Reproductive Rights


Student leaders from Advocates for Youth attend to discuss the urgent need to expand access to reproductive health care for college students

Washington, D.C. (October 14, 2022) — Today, over 50 student leaders from Advocates for Youth, American Council on Education, and Planned Parenthood joined Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House for a reproductive rights discussion on the urgent need to expand access to reproductive health care for college students.

“We’re honored to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris today and we applaud the steps the Biden Administration has already taken to support abortion access. Around this country, young people, including those at the event today, are doing incredible work ensuring that abortion is accessible on their campuses and in their communities. We’re urging the White House to work alongside these students through measures that would support students in getting the abortion care they need. That includes making medication abortion available on campus, providing resources for out-of-state care, and excusing absences for students who need abortion care,” said Diana Thu-Thao Rhodes, Vice President for Policy, Partnerships, and Organizing, Advocates for Youth.

“Students also need the White House to work to expand the full spectrum of reproductive and sexual health care in addition to abortion access – including quality sex education, access to contraception including over-the-counter birth control, and prenatal care for students who choose to parent. In addition, it is urgent that the administration expands rights and protections for LGBTQ students, protects sexual assault survivors, and decriminalizes HIV. Young people’s health and lives are on the line.”

Three student leaders from Advocates for Youth were also invited to give remarks by the Vice President at the event:

“I work in the sexual assault survivor space, and we see a lack of support for Title IX resources and schools are not held accountable for complying with Title IX. Students continue living on campuses that violate their fundamental rights to an education, and that has to stop,” said Tanaya Kollipara, she/her, 21, Know Your IX, a survivor- and youth-led project of Advocates for Youth

“We do this work because we believe that young people need honest sex education and access to condoms and PrEP, the daily medication that helps prevent HIV. We must end laws which discriminate against people with HIV and ensure that these young people have what they need to stay healthy and achieve their goals,” said DáRon Henderson, he/him, 24, Engaging Communities around HIV Organizing.

After the Dobbs ruling, anti-abortion activists are bolder, harassing pro-abortion groups through inaccurate media press releases and harassment online. However, while it seems desolate in Southern states like Texas, so many young people dedicate their lives to empowering their communities. Every day, we take countless precautions to protect our safety as we distribute emergency contraception for free, but we are resolute in fighting the good fight,” said Nimisha Srikanth, she/her, 21, Student Organizing Team

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