Advocates Stands with Young People in Iran

In light of the recent murder of 22-year old Jîna (Mahsa) Amini and countless demonstrators by law enforcement, Advocates for Youth stands in solidarity with the young people of Iran who have been leading a movement for liberation for decades across the country. Laws that regulate dress and appearance are used to assert power and control over people, mainly those who are women-identifying. Youth have consistently fought back against patriarchal attempts to police their gender expression and the way they dress in public. Forcing someone to wear or not to wear a hijab is inherently violent and a violation of religious freedom and bodily autonomy. The decision to cover up or to uncover is a personal one that should be respected, not met with brutality.

Young people in Iran and around the world should be able to freely express themselves and make decisions regarding their own bodies. Youth also deserve to feel safe in their communities. Advocates for Youth supports all youth activists and their allies across the globe challenging repressive policies and standing up for their fundamental right to bodily sovereignty and integrity.