Why do you fight for sex ed? Moira

In honor of #SexEdforAll month, we asked young people: Why do you fight for sex education?

Here’s what Moira, Young Womxn of Color for Reproductive Justice Leadership Council, had to say:

“Even though my home state of California is considered progressive by many, living in a particularly conservative school district meant that the sexuality education I received tried to engrain in me that sex and relationships should only happen in a heteronormative context. We were only allowed to take sex ed in the 6th and the 7th grade, leaving me, a young person coming from a religious immigrant family, doubly disadvantaged as I navigated my queerness and the power dynamics in my relationships for the remainder of my school years all alone.

I want young people everywhere to explore their identities and grow in a space where they are loved, supported, and well-informed.”