Why do you fight for sex ed? Madelynn

In honor of #SexEdforAll month, we asked young people: Why do you fight for sex education?

Here’s what Madelynn, International Youth Leadership Council, had to say:

“I fight for sex education for all because when young people are given accurate and appropriate information about their bodies, they are able to flourish. I received my sex education in North Carolina. Despite being a public school, the curriculum was abstinence-based. Sex, sexuality, and our bodies were seen as taboo topics and my peers were fearful to ask the questions that were on their minds. The bodies used as examples and the heterosexual norm they used, didn’t look like the bodies or sexualities of the students in my class. Because of this, we relied on shows and movies to explain pleasure and sex, which we know aren’t always accurate. Good sex education will lead to healthier young people in North Carolina that feel empowered to make decisions about their bodies and sexuality.”