Why do you fight for sex ed? Angelica

In honor of #SexEdforAll month, we asked young people: Why do you fight for sex education?

Here’s what Angelica, Fronterizx Community Project, had to say:

“I fight for sex education for all because it is important that the youth have know and a positive attitude towards their sexuality. My sex education at school was
was a package of paper with diagrams telling me if I were to have sex before marriage I was going to get pregnant or catch an STD. It didn’t go into other options aside from abstinence. I also grew up with shame and stigma surrounding my sexuality and it took me searching for these answers on my own to have a clue of how STD’s, female/ male condoms, pregnancies, and my own body worked. I fight for better sex education because I feel that if the youth knew these things so many other problems could be fixed, like teenage pregnancies, youth being the main age group affected by STD’s, and toxic relationships.”