Why do you fight for sex ed? Kylee

In honor of #SexEdforAll month, we asked young people: Why do you fight for sex education?

Here’s what Kylee, Feminists in Action of Louisiana Tech, had to say:

I fight for sex education for all because I went to high school in Texas and never had to go through a sex ed class. Many students I knew had no information about save sex and therefore had no idea what to do if they got pregnant. We were never taught about consent or healthy relationships. The students in our school had no idea about this stuff.
Now I go to college in North Louisiana and the stuff I hear from my friends about what their churches taught them about sex education is terrible. A lot of my lgbtq+ friends where never taught anything about relationships, sex, or health.  Students need to learn all of these things and more in order to be safe and healthy in their everyday lives. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our safety and health just because higher up officials feel that teaching students about sex ed promotes sex. Many students are going to have sex no matter what and they should have the tools in order to be safe.