We are fed up.

Every day, Planned Parenthood affiliates and independent abortion providers around the nation give compassionate care to women who need abortions. I am fed up with the ongoing attacks on these brave and committed providers. The need for abortion care has been a common experience across the generations and health care facilities such as Planned Parenthood have been there to ensure safe access. Yet those who provide abortion care are too often intimidated, badgered, stalked, and entrapped.AFY_StandWithPP2.jpg

I stand with Planned Parenthood and I ask you to do so as well.


In the videos, taken illicitly and illegally by anti-abortion extremists, staff frankly discuss fetal tissue donation. These donations help advance research into new treatments for diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure. Fetal tissue donation is voluntary on the part of the client. Research centers may compensate providers for storage and transportation. The facilitation of fetal tissue donation by some Planned Parenthood centers should be applauded for its contribution to the advancement of human science.

On the 1 in 3 campaign website, more than 800 women have shared their stories with abortion experiences – and many have specifically mentioned the caring and compassion they received from abortion care providers. We need to keep working toward a culture that centers real experiences with abortion. We need to build a culture of compassion, empathy, and support for access to basic reproductive health care and those who provide it.

It’s outrageous that politicians are using invasive provider intimidation as an opportunity to call for an end to all funding of Planned Parenthood. We can’t allow extremist and illegal actions to add to the stigma around abortion and make access more difficult.

Please join me in standing with Planned Parenthood.


Debra Hauser
Advocates for Youth


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We’re fed up w/ provider intimidation + attacks on wmn’s health! Stand with #PlannedParenthood http://bit.ly/AFYStandWithPP #StandWithPP



We’re fed up with provider intimidation and attacks on women’s health! We can’t allow extremist and illegal actions make abortion access more difficult. Let’s stand together with Planned Parenthood. http://bit.ly/AFYStandWithPP #StandWithPP