Statement: Supreme Court Decision on DACA

The Supreme Court is correct in recognizing the illegality of the Trump Administration’s attempt to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protects young immigrants from deportation. DACA has made it possible for thousands of young people to pursue higher education and employment without fear. Rescinding it places not just these youth, but since they are now registered with identifying information, their entire families, at risk.

Justice for immigrants is crucial to the work of Advocates for Youth. A young person who fears deportation is unlikely to seek the health care they need or report sexual assault or other victimization or violence. A young person living in a country which discriminates on the basis of race and religion is unlikely to receive culturally reflective sex education. And a young person living in a hate-filled environment cannot reach their full potential.

We take issue with the Court’s ruling that the decision to rescind DACA was not motivated by racial animosity, when nearly every action and comment of the Trump Administration on immigration has so clearly been racist and anti-immigrant. We must stand with young people as they work to ensure immigrants are treated with respect and prevent violations of their rights. We must resist the violent and hate-filled war on immigration this President, this Administration, this Congress, and far too many other leaders have perpetuated. Today’s decision is one step toward achieving justice for immigrants and ending the horrific abuses they have experienced under this administration.

The Trump Administration has been ordered to reconsider DACA and young people demand that the program remain in effect.