Advocates’ Statement on SCOTUS Decision for LGBTQ Employment Rights

“Advocates applauds the Supreme Court for making the only ethical and moral decision possible today.  With this country facing a pandemic and an economic downturn of drastic proportions, the last thing we need is to further endanger employment opportunities for LGBTQ young people.  No employer should be allowed to fire an LGBTQ young person simply for their sexual orientation  We need more, not less protections for LGBTQ young people. We need to make sure our LGBTQ young people are safe,  affirmed, and  given every opportunity to succeed in their chosen careers. At a time when the current administration seems determined to roll back protections, the Supreme Court has affirmed what young people know to be true, that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is a violation of civil rights. Based on this ruling, the Trump Administration’s attempts to deny healthcare protections to LGBTQ people cannot stand.