Statement on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on SB8 Lawsuits

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that it will allow providers’ lawsuits against the abortion ban in Texas to move forward as it relates to state licensing officials, but not to state court judges, state court clerks, or the Texas Attorney General. The Court further dismissed the Department of Justice’s lawsuit as “improvidently granted” and is allowing S.B. 8 to remain in effect while the lawsuits in opposition to it move through the court system. 

While we breathe a sigh of relief that SCOTUS has not put its final stamp of approval on S.B. 8, this means that during the months and even years that the rest of the court process plays out, people in Texas will still be denied abortion care. Already the impact on young people in Texas has been devastating, and we must work to support them in every way we can – through funding abortion and working together to ensure that every young person has access to abortion care.

“It’s despicable that the Court continues to turn a blind eye to a law that is so blatantly unconstitutional.  We remain committed to working alongside young people to ensure every person’s right to bodily autonomy,” said Debra Hauser, President of Advocates for Youth.  “Today, the Court washed its hands of the millions who need abortion care in Texas. Young people are working to ensure everyone has the access they need, and this ruling isn’t going to stop them.”