Statement on Election Results and Ongoing Count

Count. Every. Vote.

We tell young people this basic tenet of democracy in elementary school. We urge them to vote no matter what. And vote they did, turning out in record numbers on election day and in the weeks before. In spite of the pandemic, the barriers to voting in many communities, even voter intimidation at the polls, they registered friends and made sure family members could get their ballots in.

Now we must honor their work and count their votes.

Regardless of this election’s outcome there is still a long road ahead of us. Young people have been doing the work under the weight of the deep sorrow and trauma caused by this administration’s embrace of bigotry. They’re fighting for each other’s health, rights, and safety in the face of oppression and harm from those sworn to protect them. We’re honored to work alongside youth activists as they continue the fight for justice and liberation.