Fighting for Young People’s Sexual Health Includes Fighting for Economic Justice

May 14 marks the launch of two important efforts to alleviate income disparities.

The Poor People’s Campaign, which works to highlight the intersections of injustices in people’s lives and gain economic justice for poor people, will launch its first nation-wide event of the season with nonviolent moral direct actions in over 30 state capitals. The goals of the campaign include working to connect the political, rhetorical and other violent attacks on poor people with the growing attacks on communities of color, including immigrants and Muslims, who are also disproportionately poorer than their white counterparts.  

And at the same time, the One Fair Wage campaign, which works to ensure tipped workers are treated fairly, is organizing around a DC ballot measure to increase the minimum wage for tipped workers.  

Advocates for Youth is honored to support and participate in these two campaigns.


  We know that young people of color and young low-income people are more likely to experience violence, face greater reproductive health disparities as a result of both economic inequality and racism/white supremacy.  We want to support our young people in making the connections across issues, particularly the ones that most impact their lives – like student debt, living wage campaigns, and health care access among many others.  


Part of Advocates for Youth’s Rights. Respect. Responsibility vision is ensuring young people have the tools they need to safeguard their sexual health. Economic justice is key in ensuring young people are able to achieve the future they envision for themselves.

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