Advocates for Youth joins partners across the country in the youth and reproductive rights and health movements to call on the Senate Judiciary Committee to #DoYourJob.

This week’s non-decision in Zubik v. Burwell, likely the result of a split court, highlights now more than ever the very real impacts that young people face when the Court is not functioning at full capacity. The lack of a decision in Zubik may mean that religious nonprofits are able to block their employees and students from getting contraceptive coverage. If the court is split in the pending case Whole Women’s Health v. Burwell, people in Texas and nationwide may suffer the consequences of severely restricted access to abortion care. Just this term alone the Supreme Court also makes decisions about voting rights, immigration, affirmative action, labor, and much more. When Senators refuse to do their jobs and fill the empty seat on the Court, they not only make it harder for all of us to do ours, they put the lives and health of young people at risk.