When I was 13, I found out I could not have kids. I have cardiomyopathy. This means I can not physically carry a child in my body because I have a heart condition making it impossible to supply blood to a child. About 3 years later after I found that out, I was raped by a man that I should have been able to trust. Sadly, a little after that I started feeling sick. I kept throwing up and didn’t have a fever. I then went to my pediatrician; my doctor asked if I could be pregnant, and I said yes; my mom was shocked and I started crying. My then strictly mormon mom told me I was getting kicked out before I could even explain what had happened. She got so mad and was being very unreasonable. I have nothing against mormons, don’t get me wrong, mormons are so nice. But being raised in and forced into the region can mentally mess someone up. After she stopped yelling at me, with my pediatrician calming her down, I asked to talk to my mom in private, and my pediatrician left the room. I then told her I was raped by my boyfriend who I had been dating for 4 months. My family had loved my boyfriend and was so happy for me when I first brought him home. She then told me it was my fault I was raped because I always wore flashy and un-modest clothing and refused to go to the police. When my pediatrician came back a couple minutes later. She then told me my options, knowing that I have a medical condition making it so I can not have children. The only option that sounded like it would save my life was abortion. Me and my mom decided that abortion would be the best option. I then was sent some pills to take at home. This option saved my life. I am so thankful to be alive.