My partner and I were not ready. It was one of hardest things I’ve ever done. I’m writing this because today I realised that I don’t think about it very often anymore. If I do think about it, I seem to feel okay and I feel at peace with the decision I made. Maybe 6 months after it happened I realised it wasn’t a good or a bad decision- that in fact it was just ‘a’ decision. I am sharing this because I had no idea that the grief would be so huge, so overwhelming and a grief now one offered much support towards. I don’t regret my decision at all, but I really wish I had the supported I needed to get through what was a very dark time. I wish people understood some people who have abortions can experience significant grief, and that it doesn’t go away after a few weeks. I felt so alone, Depressed and anxious, and I think a lot of that could had been avoided if I had received more support. If you’re going through it I promise it gets easier, it just takes time. Be kind to yourself and talk to someone you trust because you don’t have to carry the load all alone <3