I hope to write this in a more professional format soon as writing is one of my passions. However, if there is a chance it could help someone now I will do my best to put down the important details. I was raised in one of the best school districts in the country at the time. 2 parent household, well adjusted. I still ended up becoming a heroin addict before the age of 20. I spent far more time attempting to get clean than I did trying to actually maintain my addiction. All I wanted was a family. While sober for 6 months I met an amazing man, who is my husband today. Unfortunately I relapsed and couldn’t stay clean shortly after my relapse 24 years old at this point I found out I was pregnant. I tried everything I could to stay sober, I just couldn’t do it. In my sick mind I truly thought I could figure it out and get clean. I couldn’t do it. I ended up having a late term abortion 18 weeks. It was absolutely earth shattering for me. Most of my family still has no idea. The point of my story is this, I did get clean!!! I will be celebrating 8 years this summer. My husband to be stuck it out with me, we have 4 beautiful children all under 7. I am almost positive that without the access to abortion I would not be here today. My family most certainly would not be. I am also finally finishing college and will be helping people who are struggling. Something else I most certainly wouldn’t be able to do had I not had access to a safe professional abortion.