I was very nervous about getting an abortion. I’m very squeamish; my friends and family know that I faint at even the slightest mention of blood. Procedures frighten me. But I was even more nervous at the idea of not being able to get one. I had been with my boyfriend for only 6 months, and while we do love each other a lot and want kids, it was the worst time to have a child. My boyfriend had just reached his 2 year anniversary of sobriety and moved out of his sober house. I was also starting my own journey towards sobriety, and we both knew that we were not ready to raise a child. My boyfriend noted how depressed I was while I was pregnant, waiting for my appointment to arrive. The constant vomiting and the complete lack of energy took a huge toll on me emotionally and physically. The day of, I was very nervous. My boyfriend held my hand all the way to Planned Parenthood. Everyone at the facility was incredibly kind and gentle, and did everything they could to make sure I felt safe. I chose to have a procedure because I felt safer around nurses and doctors than I did alone at home. When it came time to have it done, I was administered a strong pain killer to help with the anxiety and discomfort. I’m very sensitive to medicine, so I immediately relaxed and started gabbing away to my boyfriend, who was still holding my hand, about anything and everything. I unknowingly started trash talking my family, which the nurses found hilarious. After 5 minutes the nurses told me they were all done, which shocked me because I didn’t even realize they started. I didn’t feel a thing. I went to a recovery room with my boyfriend and I was given some snacks and juice while I reclined in a big comfy chair. I vomited a little bit from the pain killer, but I’m a very sensitive person so I wasn’t surprised. After that I was on my way home. I had a super positive experience with Planned Parenthood and wanted to share my story for anyone who is nervous about having an abortion. It was very painless and not at all what pro-lifers paint it to be.