Elizabeth, Photographed by Linangely Kerbs

“In my current job with my org I advocate for policies that support abortion access, in my free time I volunteer with abortion funds as an intake volunteer. I meet many immigrant and non-immigrant woc that have literally no access to these things. This is why I am sharing my story. Because it is my duty to end stigma that surrounds abortion, so that we can all have the access and privacy to make our own decisions about our bodies and not some politician.”

Lin is a New York City based photographer. She picked up a camera at the age of 22 and has ever since had a passion to photograph people in the best light. Showing people as they are and being able to convey a photographic story is what brings meaning to her work. She finds that her best asset is her ability to listen to her subject, to get to know them and be able to see their personality in a short period of time. She’s working toward making her photography passion into a working business.