Elizabeth, Photographed by Chiamaka Nwadike

“My story is one of self preservation, grief, emotions, interconnectedness and self love. My story includes the duality of life and death, loneliness and community, nostalgia and joy. Among all these things, my choice to have an abortion is one of the most powerful and life giving choices I have ever made for myself. Many have come before me, many will come after, and many are making the choice right now. I hope those going through it now and in the future are surrounded by support and filled with power. We have been here before and we’ll continue to be here, with our own unique stories, full of life.”

Chiamaka Nwadike is currently studying Human Biology as an Undergraduate at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has been practicing photography for about 3 years. Her background as a Nigerian immigrant has influenced her photography as she strives to center Black Womanhood in her work. Her long-term goals include attending Medical School and eventually becoming a General Practitioner.