Demeri, Photographed by Rachael Chappell

“The nearest Planned Parenthood was roughly three and a half hours from where I lived. The road was long. I had lots of time to process what had happened and where I was headed. I never thought I would get an abortion. Not because I am opposed to abortion (I am pro-choice) but because I always wanted to be a mom.

On the way home from the clinic we stopped to eat in Hardin, Montana, near the Crow Indian Reservation. Indian Reservations always feel like home and even though this one was a few states away from my own I immediately felt solace. My heritage has always been important to me. My family means the world to me. My culture and my people are a source of strength.

As I move forward and start family planning I think of my first pregnancy often. I’m nervous and excited to start a family with my husband.”

Rachael has never really considered herself an artist, and quite possibly may not even know exactly what her camera is fully capable of. As an overzealous creator with a deep love for humanity in its rawest forms, and a penchant for collaboration and whimsical experiments, she has a deep appreciation for being chosen to hold space so others can practice vulnerability and trust they are honored and loved. She embraced her overactive imagination at an early age and made a life full of opportunities to create connections, experiences, and moments where the camera becomes an afterthought and energy comes alive. A clinically trained social worker and educator, she works to bridge gaps by embracing transitions and honoring stories. By striving to create collaborative environments where gratitude is the cornerstone, Rachael uses many mediums to empower and encourage others to transcend fears and communicate their truth.