I had an abortion February 17, 2012. I found out last week that the clinic I went to is being shut down. It’s crazy to think about how much has changed in less than two years. It’s like there is a full on war against a woman’s right to choose. And I just don’t understand.
I always thought that if I had an unplanned pregnancy that I would give it up for adoption. But everything I thought I would do had changed. I realized that if I did put it up for adoption I would regret it for the rest of my life. I couldn’t even bear the thought of carrying a child to full term just to give it away. I knew that abortion was the right choice.
My parents had me when they were 16. So I grew up knowing that I was a mistake and because of that I had always felt like such a burden to everyone. I don’t want my child feeling that same way.
People always act like the decision to have an abortion is an easy one that we make out of convenience. For me it was not easy. I was afraid, I was embarrassed, and even though I had my boyfriend’s support I still felt alone. Because no matter what in the end I would be the one having the procedure.
I am not proud that I had an abortion. But I do not regret. I know what I did was the best choice for me. And I am thankful that I had that choice.