I knew from an early age that I never wanted children. So MY choice was never difficult for me.

I found out that I was pregnant when I was 29 years old. MarriedĀ for five years, and living with my husband in Stuttgart, Germany (we are both American).

My husband works for the U.S. government and often has to travel.
Shortly after he left for a three month leave I started noticing the popular symptoms. I had tender breasts, late period, and I was incredibly tired. So I go to the American health care provider located on the U.S Military base for a pregnancy test. A few hours later I received the call. Sure enough? My suspicions were confirmed. As the nurse on the other end of the line was congratulating me, I was slipping into a world of worries.
“What am I going to do? This isn’t what I want, this isn’t happening, what am I going to do?”

After a few days of researching, I learned that my husband’s American insurance not only did not cover the procedure, but the American facility didn’t even offer it.

I was terrified. I was confused. I was alone.

Reluctantly, I started looking into the German system.
Let me tell you, my weight had finally been lifted!
Not only does Germany offer many different options for abortion, but every healthcare professional I spoke to were kind, understanding and HELPFUL.
After speaking to the clinic I decided to use, I found out that not only did MY insurance (I worked for a German company) cover the procedure, but I also received paid time off to recover.
Before my appointment I had a mandatory meeting to speak with a representative from a pro life agency. She was incredibly sweet, asked ‘if this was my decision, if I knew my other options, and if this is what I really wanted.’ That’s all. I signed a form, and was free. Free from hassle, free from judgment.

I had my operation in a clean, safe setting, and don’t regret it to this day.

I went into this situation feeling alone and hopeless, and left the situation feeling strong and supported.
I give the German healthcare system full credit. I’m not sure my experience would have been as comfortable had I been anywhere else.
It’s my hope that women all over the world will soon have the luxury I did when it comes to making decisions for their own bodies.