The 3rd child i 100% did not plan on but also did not prevent from happening. June 8th was a weird day because i felt so much relief to finally go through with my abortion & get it done but so much guilt at the same time. The reality of it all is that this is your life. You get to call the shots, you get to make every single decision, you get to say how your life is gonna go. Nobody has the power to control your life. That’s why i feel so blessed to have gotten my abortion. It’s sad to think about but again, this is my life and i am in control. You might be wondering how i can love my 2 children and not the 3rd but i need you to know that sometimes love is not enough… and that is ok. If that’s not the path that you chose, then you don’t have to go down it. Choose a different path. We all have choices. It hurts me deeply to think that i left behind what would of been the 3rd love of my life and I’ve cried every day about it and there’s never a day where i don’t think about it and ask God for forgiveness. But as a mother of 2, i have to stay strong and keep moving. I am not a murderer, i am not a terrible person, i am a mother, a daughter, a future wife, and so much more. I chose this path & i am blessed.