Abuses at the Border Must End

As we head into the July 4 holiday, a time when many celebrate the founding of this country, it is profoundly heartbreaking to witness the shameful abuses being perpetrated at the border. Children and teens separated from their parents, crowded into cages, sleeping on the floor. Teens, themselves imprisoned — showing the humanity absent in their detainers—striving to parent others’ toddlers. Untreated illness, unclean conditions. Sexual assault. Death in custody.

We cannot turn away from these horrific human rights abuses.  We must act. 

Youth activists are leading the fight to end the abuses of the Trump Administration, of ICE, and of border patrol. We must commit to working alongside these young leaders to end the abuses of those seeking safety in the U.S. 

Around the country today, hundreds of events will be held to protest the inhumane conditions at our border. Join young people in working to ensure safety and human dignity for immigrants. Find an event near you.  

Young people are working for a country we can truly be proud of.  Let’s follow their lead and treat those that cross our borders with dignity and respect.  We must stop these terrible abuses.