Back to my first pregnancy, I went to the doctors office and had a urine test. The nurse stated it’s positive, I immediately responded asking for the number to the women’s clinic. Within a week I was at the clinic, alongside a half dozen other women who were all there for surgical abortion. I was there for less than 6 hours, the procedure was difficult for me but very quick. It felt like to lasted only seconds. I went home with my partner that night and rested in bed. I felt confident and secure with the decision that I had made.
My second pregnancy was just this week. Immediately I scrounged for the number of the clinic. Then I remembered that the abortion pill had recently been legalized in Canada. After a few hours of researching I found a clinic in my hometown that performed medical abortions for $40. I began to cry because I was so relieved!
The day I arrived the doctor could not find the fetus neither with inner or outer ultrasound. They sent me to an ultrasound clinic where they couldn’t find it either. After those results I was sent to emergency. My blood and urine were taken and sure enough I was still pregnant. After hours in emerg and 8 ultrasounds later, they sent me home with an appointment for a few days later with a gynecologist. However, the next day I woke up clotting with cramping. I returned to ER where they still could not find anything on the ultrasound. I was sent home with the theory that I may be miscarrying. I noticed that my breasts no longer felt swollen, they also stated that my hormone level went down. I returned for my appointment the following day and they doctor gave me a requisition for bloodwork the following week to ensure that the hormone is indeed going down.
Abortion is your right as a woman. Don’t let your friends, family or coworkers guilt or shame you. The worst for me was “I know this decision was probably hard for you ” it wasn’t, I always knew that I didn’t want to have children. I hope my story empowers you.